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Making Sense of Gut Testing

Guest Name and Bio:
Kelly Moffat

Kelly Moffat is Director of Microbiome Health at CosmosID (, the leader in end-to-end metagenomics analysis and solutions. She has been in the field of genomics for more than 20 years, starting at the J. Craig Venter Institute (then called TIGR) where she used molecular and bioinformatics techniques to resolve complex repeats and gap closure in the human genome project, the DNA sequencing of the first plant chromosome (Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 2), the first rice genome published, genome analysis of Deinococcus radiodurans, a bacterium that can survive strong doses of ionizing radiation, and many other genomes. There she developed extensive experience across bioinformatics, including the use of several programming languages, several alignment tools and assemblers, bacterial epidemiological analysis and phylogeny, and whole genome shotgun metagenomics.

Since 2012, Kelly has been a part of the bioinformatics team at CosmosID, where she has led many microbial identification and interpretation projects, ranging from the analysis of clinically actionable microbial infections, to the analysis of food and water borne pathogens in the environment, to SARS-CoV-2 computational analysis. Most recently, at CosmosID, Kelly now leads the microbiome health sector of the company, providing actionable and interpretable analysis of the human microbiome. She is interested in understanding the microbiome in personal health and how an individual’s unique microbiome affects and is affected by changes in overall wellness. Kelly also hosts her own podcast called The Genomics Life.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The importance of the microbiome and gut testing
  • The different ways the gut can be tested
  • What the best way to view the gut microbiome is
  • What we can learn from the gut microbiome and testing
  • What the future of gut microbiome testing might hold

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Kelly’s Twitter

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