• A trained MD will make the medical decisions

  • We utilize top of the line and cutting edge research and testing

  • Ability to have an urgent consultation within 24 hours

  • We will be your guide, help you select the right tests, and provide actionable recommendations
  • Personalized care to the ultimate level

  • Ability to have access to a physician 24/7
  • 1 on 1 level of care

  • Extended visits, never feel rushed

  • Precisione Clinic was founded by the leading thought leader and expert in the field of personalized medicine
  • Unparalleled guidance, coaching, and support

  • Your care doesn’t end when results come back…it begins!

  • One of a kind PrecisionomicsTM programs

  • Meet with your doctor online via telemedicine

What is PrecisionomicsTM

PrecisionomicsTM is an exciting and unique brand of healthcare that Precisione Clinic is proud to be the very first to spearhead. The focus of health, wellness, and longevity should be on well-care and not sick-care. It is substantially more impactful when we can gain insight into our inner biology using highly specialized and cutting edge tests such as whole body, brain, cardiac, and body composition imaging in addition to microbiome analysis, toxin and pathogen detection, mitochondrial function, whole genome sequencing, and many other exciting tools. The key is in being able to put all of this complex information together for someone and give simple, actionable recommendations for each unique individual based on their life circumstances. The goal of PrecisionomicsTM is to be on top of your health, rather than underneath disease. This is where Precisione Clinic excels!

Using preventative medicine to prevent Importance chronic disease

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Dr. Marvin Singh MD joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about the work his clinic is doing in preventing and reversing chronic age related medical problems.


dr marvin singh discusses the importance of using preventive medicine for chronic diseases

One on One Care

Truly personalized, one on one care

Cutting Edge

Using top of the line and cutting edge research and testing

Testing & Analysis

Your care starts when test results come back, not ends

24/7 Access

Ability to have access to a physician 24/7

The Precisione Clinic and PrecisionomicsTM were founded by Dr. Marvin Singh, MD, a pioneer in the field of integrative gastroenterology and personalized medicine. The primary aim of Precisione Clinic is to help people understand their body, how it works, and what it needs. The main emphasis is on the individual; this is why the “One” is highlighted in the Clinic’s name.

“The Precisione way involves staying on the cutting edge of science, technology, and research, while finding the best possible ways to deliver your highly specific information….”

Dr. Marvin Singh, MD, FOUNDER of Precisione Clinic


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Dr. Singh is literally the best doctor I have ever seen! He truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond! He has helped me so much!

Am amazing doctor! Spent so much time with me and truly listened to everything. Love that he tries to find the root of your problem and really wants to help you heal.

Let’s just say all my friends and family see Dr. Marv! Awesome doctor with great advice!! I love how he honestly cares about his patients, and will go above and beyond what any doctor has done for me in the past.

He is very kind and caring. He listened to everything and helped me immensely. I couldn’t have found a better doctor. He came highly recommended to me, and for good reason, he is the doctor you must see!

An amazing doctor! He is caring and you won’t find a gastroenterologist who knows more! He looks at you as a whole person, he really listens and helps to find the root cause of your problem. I wouldn’t go to anyone else! Highly recommended!

Dr. Singh is so kind and thoughtful! When I went in for a procedure he was so comforting. Visits with him are always a very positive experience and I would highly recommend him! He is so caring and kind! I always know I am in great hands with Dr. Singh!

Best doctor I have ever been too! Actually listens to you and tries to get to the root cause of your problems. Would totally recommend him (and actually have already) to all my friends and family!

I have been to so many doctors but Dr. Singh literally outranks them all! I have never had a doctor put so much patience, kindness and research into my care! He is literally the best doctor out there!

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