Dr. Trevor Cates

Clean Skin From Within

Guest Name and Bio:
Dr. Trevor Cates

Dr. Trevor Cates is author of the USA Today and Amazon bestselling book Clean Skin From Within and founder of The Spa Dr. natural skin care line. She received her medical degree from the National University of Natural Medicine and was the first woman licensed as a naturopathic doctor in the state of California. She currently lives in Park City, Utah where she helps patients from around the world achieve naturally glowing skin. She has been featured on various TV shows, including The Doctors and Extra TV. Dr. Cates has interviewed over 250 experts on The Spa Dr. podcast and hosted her own PBS special, Younger Skin From Within. She believes the key to healthy skin is inner and outer nourishment with natural and non-toxic ingredients.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Why our skin is considered our “magic mirror”
  • What are some factors behind imperfect skin
  • How to get started on a plan to improve your skin
  • Top food triggers for skin problems
  • What ingredients we should avoid when selecting skin and beauty products

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