Precision Approach to Aging

Dr. Tom Stubbs, PhD

Tom graduated from Oxford University with a 1st in biochemistry and went on to Cambridge University to study the epigenetics of ageing. Tom built the first ageing model in mice, and worked closely with Prof. Steve Horvath of UCLA. He saw the potential for epigenetics and AI to open a new frontier in health sciences, quantifying wellbeing and ageing as never before. Tom founded Chronomics in 2017 to bring epigenetics out of the lab and into people’s hands for proactive and preventive health management.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How the best way to determine our biological age is.
  • What epigenetics is all about.
  • How epigenetic testing is different from telomere testing.
  • How we can slow down our age acceleration.
  • How environmental triggers or toxins like smoking can make us age faster and what we can do about it to try to reverse that process.

How to learn more about our guest:

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